“Best Coffee Ice Cream I’ve ever had!”
– D.B.

“It’s definitely the strongest Coffee Ice Cream I’ve ever had”
– T.M.

“I love how your Ice Cream is not overly-sweet, but has a strong coffee taste”.
– P.D.

“Like totally OMG!!! This Ice Cream is the bomb!”
- A.R.B.

“Thanks for making a Decaf flavor!”
- S.H.

“Coffee Toffee Crunch is the best!”
– M.A.

“I love your Coffee Toffee Crunch flavor!”
- J.D.

“I’d been looking for a stronger coffee ice cream for a long time. BlackBean is what I’ve been looking for!”.
- R.P.

“Your ice cream gave me a buzz! It definitely has coffee in it!”
– M.O.