“Best Coffee Ice Cream I’ve ever had!”
– D.B.

“It’s definitely the strongest Coffee Ice Cream I’ve ever had”
– T.M.

“I love how your Ice Cream is not overly-sweet, but has a strong coffee taste”.
– P.D.

“Like totally OMG!!! This Ice Cream is the bomb!”
- A.R.B.

“Thanks for making a Decaf flavor!”
- S.H.

“Coffee Toffee Crunch is the best!”
– M.A.

“I love your Coffee Toffee Crunch flavor!”
- J.D.

“I’d been looking for a stronger coffee ice cream for a long time. BlackBean is what I’ve been looking for!”.
- R.P.

“Your ice cream gave me a buzz! It definitely has coffee in it!”
– M.O.

"BlackBean Ice Cream" is a brand of ice cream created by coffee ice cream lovers. Our mission was to make a stronger coffee ice cream.

We found that as we tried other coffee ice creams, we still wanted a stronger and bolder coffee flavor. After searching the aisles of our local neighborhood markets and not finding the coffee ice cream we wanted we tried to make our own. We discovered that by simply adding more coffee to super-premium ice cream we created a “blacker” and bolder flavor that incidentally gave us a caffeine kick. We then dialed in the flavor using 100% premium Arabica Coffee and created a bolder and stronger coffee ice cream that is still sweet, creamy and delicious.

We currently offer our super-premium ice cream in 4 bold flavors: Coffee, Coffee Toffee Crunch, Mocha Chip, and Decaf Coffee (with more to come).

Since launching our product, it has been very well received and coffee ice cream lovers approve of its strong coffee flavor. We are working diligently to expand the number of outlets carrying our product so that it is available to everyone who loves coffee ice cream as much as we do.